Crypto Compass

Mobile Application for iOs and Android. The best way to trade is when you know where the market goes.The Algorithm analyzes the market data and fills the compass arrows.You just have to look and you`ll see. So the Crypto Compass can: ✓ Show the direction of market changes✓ Count bears and bulls✓ Do the original […]

Crypto Trading Tool

Mobile application to automate Trading process. So the Crypto Trading Tool can:✓ Buy/Sell criptocurrency with Binance Api Keys

Unity Asset – Magic VFX – Ice

Unity Asset package Ice magic set of VFX with sounds A peace of big Magic collection of assets. Package content ✓ Set of 26 animated particle 3D Effects: Magic Light, Crystals, Ice Explosions, Magic Runes, Snowfalls, Vortex, Icicles etc. ✓ Set of 20 3d models of ice crystals. ✓ All in prefabs. ✓ Sound effects […]

Space Cats

Mobile Game for Android. Become a captain of cosmic cats! Collect your cats and shoot back at malevolent enemies. You can play arcade shooter with the original gameplay or go to AR game and save the planet right on your desk! Cat Cap!Captain, fly your spaceship and collect red cats to it. The higher your […]