Space Cats

Mobile Game for Android.

Become a captain of cosmic cats! Collect your cats and shoot back at malevolent enemies. You can play arcade shooter with the original gameplay or go to AR game and save the planet right on your desk!

Cat Cap!
Captain, fly your spaceship and collect red cats to it. The higher your pyramid of cats, the more difficult is to pilot the spaceship but also the greater the reward!

Original gameplay
Enjoy an exciting gameplay with elements of arcade, runner, SHMUP and other game mechanics on mobile phones. Find the Play AR Game button in the menu, call a friend and you’ll be able to shoot asteroids in turns saving the planet and earning coins for the game.

Vivid graphics
A game in the style of cosmic retro-futurism with expressive animated characters, malevolent laughing enemy, stunning 3D explosions, shots and game store with original skins and much more.

Go through the portals
Fearlessly make your way to the dimension of black cats to get in a space battle with bosses and repel their increasing attacks! Shoot back at kamikaze cats.

Generator of bonuses
When you have no power left, call for the cats’ fleet. It won’t save the day, but it will allow you to leave the battle with flying colors and dignity and you’ll also get access to the generator of bonuses.

Making deals with the enemy
Shoot the enemy while you’re in space, but on neutral territory nobody’s canceled diplomacy. Sometimes enemy agents help buy off viewing advertising or open a chest.

Music Safe
Win heaps of golden coins in the music box by entering your secret code! Ask your friends for their codes, share your code with them and each of you will double your winnings! The more friends, the more winnings! Each code is an encrypted popular melody.

Cat’s Lightsaber
In case the enemy uses fatal self-guided shots, meteorites hit the spaceship and the boss’s weapon is too strong, turn on your lightsaber and start sabering everything you see!

☆☆☆ How to play ☆☆☆

✓ Fly the spaceship by pressing left or right at the bottom of the screen.
✓ Catch red cats to the spaceship.
✓ Shoot enemies by simultaneously pressing right and left at the bottom of the screen
✓ Turn on the lightsaber to completely destroy enemies and repel their shots
✓ Buy incredible skins and boosters for the game coins in the store
✓ Play new arcade shooter for free.
✓ Internet connection is not required.

Cat Captain and the team is waiting for you on a starship!
Come into the game!