L&D inc.

Save humans from the spirits-mercenaries and sabotage the company!!! Let them know how wrong they were firing such a valuable employee! 

An ordinary working day of “Life and Death” Corporation is coming to an end. The target on collection of human souls was realized over its planning and Death was satisfied summing up the balance of births and funerals for the current day. And of course, as any office worker she was finishing her working day by checking her mail. That’s where mischief happened! In a letter from the Management Board it was briefly and steadfastly stated that they hired cheaper workers to replace her and due to this the company says goodbye to her; to cut it short she was fired! She will be replaced by some trainees who don’t know a thing about rebirth system! And that is after several billion years of self-sacrificing work!!!
Apparently someone at the top is looking for troubles!!! She will do everything to make sure none of souls leaves the earth from now on! 

How to play
You play as Death. Jump using your left mouse button, collect or buy resources and save people! Make sure you scare the spirits!

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