Try To Survive 2


-  We added new enemies, they became more twisted and cruel. 
-   Monsters have new super knacks
-  We added new turrets, among them there is one turret which can cure the rest of them. 
-  Our level designer tried to make game process diversified. He placed the whole story into the levels and rebalance of game world was also done. 
-  We added possibility to start from key levels, which enhances replayability of the game.Try to survive, and to stop the alien invasion!

A fallen meteorite was found in the remote Siberian taiga. At first they did not attach any importance to this event, and just placed a fence around the surrounding area. 
Soon this carelessness resulted in disaster. Fearsome creatures of an unknown origin started roaming the taiga. Our secret military base happened to be the only inhabited place in the neighborhood therefore it was especially scary when people began to disappear. Besides, the eyewitnesses claimed they saw hideous carnivorous beasts. These claims were taken as superstitious tales and cut short by the command to prevent panic. But today's events proved that those superstitious concerns were not worth one-hundredth of the horror which covered us in this damn place! The alien mutants began to attack the base! The diversity of these creatures is striking, and their strength and endurance increases with each subsequent attack! We must endure to come off victorious from this hell!

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